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Welcome to The Great Little Yoga Company

We ‘The Great Little Yoga company’ founders Gemma and Carly have been collectively practicing yoga for over twenty years. We have been teaching yoga since 2016. When we met (at yoga!) we quickly realised that we both felt passionately about teaching yoga to children. We recognise that if we had been introduced to yoga as children and had felt the amazing benefits it has to offer then we would of been better equipped to cope with the stresses and strains of adult life in the modern world. Our own personal journeys and young daughters, Bella, Poppy and Rosa are our inspiration for starting The Great Little Yoga Company in 2018.

From experience we know that yoga is not only practiced on the mat but off the mat too, what is learnt and developed can be applied to situations in everyday life. We believe in what we practice, ‘Yoga is our Superpower’ and this is the message we want to share with children and young people. As mothers we recognise the challenges that our own children and their friends may face as they grow up. We want the new generation to thrive and that’s why we have created The Great Little Yoga Company.

We are passionate about teaching children and young people, we believe yoga should be offered in every school and be included in the national curriculum. We want to help children and young people cope with worries and anxieties, to think more positively, to connect with others, to connect with themselves, to be happy with who they are, to be healthy, to improve their concentration, to enjoy moving their bodies in a gentle, kind and non-competitive way. We aim to arm young people with the tools they need to deal with the emotional challenges they may come across in daily life.

The aim of all Great Little Yoga Company yoga sessions is for children and young people to connect with themselves and one another in a positive way, to be creative, to move, to be calm, to allow rest and most of all to have fun.

Gemma & Carly